No Bark Collars for Dogs: Good or Bad?

There are three different methods currently in use as no bark dog collars for dogs. They all give good results, but you might be wondering if using them is ethical. If you have a dog, you should know some basic information about no bark collars before getting one for your dog.

Spray Collars

There are no bark dog collars that spray the dog's muzzle with citrus smell if the dog keeps barking. Because dogs really don’t like the smell of citrus, this can be very effective as a no bark collar. Some collars also give a warning “hiss” sound, so the dog can stop barking before the smell is sprayed on its muzzle if he listens and heeds the warning sound. These no bark collars are considered ethical by experts, as there is no pain involved, just a mild annoyance for the dog.

Sonic and Ultrasonic Dog Collars

These collars emit a high pitched sound whenever the dog barks. The sound is similar to the one of a dog's whistle. Most humans can’t hear it or be annoyed by it, but dogs can and will stop barking once they realize that when they stop barking the high pitched tone goes away. Dog trainers and veterinarians see no problem with these collars, as they aren't harmful. Once again, there is no pain involved – it’s just a bit annoying for the dog. To get better results, don't use this collar for long periods of time, as dogs can get used to the sound and just ignore it.

Electric No Bark Collars

These collars work by delivering a small electrical shock to the dog's neck whenever it starts barking. It isn’t truly dangerous, and can be compared to the shock you can get from static electricity. Due to its name, people think that this type of collar is cruel and unethical and shouldn't be used on animals. The main complaint is that this collar actually has a physical stimulus to the dog. That's why some animal lovers think that's bad. However, these collars are very effective for reducing excessive barking, so take them at least into consideration.

There are three types of no bark collars that you can use to train your dog: citrus spray collars, sonic or ultrasonic collars, and electrical shock collars. Citronella spray and sonic or ultrasonic sounds are considered ethical, but electronic shock collars are sometimes considered unethical because of the shocking. However, all three methods are perfectly safe for dogs.

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